Users have an expectation of clear and transparent communication from the services they use. This includes an understanding of how the service is funded, and if any of that funding comes from the users themselves. This site is a description of a commitment to never monetize the users of a service. This can be declared at any point in the project lifecycle, however communicating earlier will allow users to feel more informed about their time investment in interacting with the service. The declaration is not a legal contract, but a statement of intent. It is a promise to the users of a service that they will never be the product. This model is not for everyone, but for those who want to make the commitment, this site is a way to do so.


The site does not contain any advertising and never will. This encompasses both direct advertising through videos or images placed on the site, as well as indirect advertising through affiliate links or tracking in the service of advertising.

Data Collection

Data is collected only for the purposes of operating the service, such as logging or analytics. Data is never collected for the purposes of selling to third parties. Any personal information collected from the user is never used to extract money from the user, either directly or indirectly.

Payment for Content

All content and functionality of the site is available to all users, free of cost. There is no premium content, subscriptions or other paid features. If the costs of running or delivering the service become too high, the service will downsize or shut down, rather than attempt to extract money from the users through any means.